About HSS Team

For more than 10 years, HSS Team has been an established name as a supplier of professional personnel in luxury yacht building, offshore, interior construction, electricity, CNC, construction, BMI and IT. By investing in quality, HSS Team aims for a long-term relationship. Partly due to the flexibility, HSS Team can offer all kinds of constructions and can therefore serve the customer optimally. Even in times of a tight labor market, HSS Team knows how to provide customers with the right professional staff.

HSS Team operates nationwide and does not require a location. We are in daily contact with our customers and offer them the support they need for optimal returns. We think along with you as we do with every customer and go for success together.  

Our team

Johan Vissia

More than thirty years of experience in ship fitting. Knows the practice, knows the theory. A steady course captain with the helm on result and the compass on quality. This makes your reliable partner for the secondment of professionals in construction, interior construction and shipbuilding. Johan is the specialist for clients in the maritime sector, the offshore industry and technology.

Karina Mikulova

Karina is our hard working recruiter with a lot of experience. Thanks to her psychological insight, she continuously knows how to forge the right team. 

Thies Jan Vissia

Young and always looking for a suitable solution. This makes Thies the young creative who, together with the customer, overcomes every obstacle in the field of HR. Thies is the specialist for clients in electricity, BMI, IT and security.

Quality mark

Stichting Normering Arbeid

The SNA quality mark is the quality mark for the temporary employment sector and contractors of work and has been developed to limit the risks of hirers of labor and clients of work. Secondments and payroll companies also fall under the scope of the quality mark because they also make work available. Based on current legislation, these parties run the risk of being held liable for obligations arising from work that have not been met by the lender or (sub)contractor. Companies with the SNA quality mark are periodically checked for their labor obligations, which limits the risk for the hirer and outsourcer of work. For more information click here..